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How to use this YouTube MP3 converter?

A youtube mp3 converter allows you to retrieve music found on a youtube video and download it to your computer, phone or tablet in mp3 format. Our conversion tool has been designed to be as simple as possible and usable by everyone, even if you don't know anything about computers. To download a music, simply enter the name of the Youtube video whose music you want to download in the search bar above. Once the search for your video is launched, several results will be proposed to you. Find the video you are interested in among those offered, then click on the corresponding button to start downloading the mp3. The downloaded audio file will usually be placed in the "Downloads" folder of your device. Retrieve it by copying and pasting it and use it at your convenience, for example in a presentation. Before downloading any mp3, however, we invite you to check that your use will be in accordance with copyright.

Advantages of this converter:

In addition to being totally free of charge, this mp3 converter does not require any registration or identification to be used. There is also no need to install any software on your computer, everything is done from the search bar at the top of this site. Unlike other mp3 download tools, we also do not record any IP addresses, which makes its use both anonymous and secure. It is compatible with all computers, smartphones and tablets and has been optimized to be effective on each of these devices. We also ensure a fast download while keeping the highest possible sound quality. (320kbps, i.e. the same quality as the one used on CDs) Finally, no download limit is imposed, no blocking or payment will be required even after several downloads.

Download directly from the URL:

In order to be able to download directly from youtube without having to install anything or even have to search for our converter in your search engine, we have set up direct download by URL. When you browse YouTube and come across a video whose mp3 soundtrack you want to retrieve, simply replace the three letters "you" in the URL "" with the letters "conv".
Example: becomes
Thanks to this little tip, you will automatically be redirected to a button that will allow you to immediately download the music from your video. This will save you a lot of time every time you want to convert a video.

Use the free plugin:

A plugin adapted for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer will soon be available for download to allow you to convert your sounds directly from your browser. Once the extension is installed, a button will automatically be added below each of the Youtube videos you visit. All you have to do is click on this button to download the soundtrack of the video you are watching. This addon will be available within a few weeks at the latest and will allow you to convert to mp3 without even leaving Youtube. In the meantime, you can use the download trick from the URL which is just as fast as the plugin.

Self-service API:

If you need a Youtube conversion button to automatically convert Youtube videos to mp3 files on your website, we offer you access to our conversion API. This API is easy to use, completely free of charge, and without intrusive advertising. In addition, the design of the buttons and features are customizable so that they can be easily integrated into your website. Using this API will save you the cost of servers and bandwidth required for conversion tools. In addition, developing a conversion tool is long, expensive, and can be difficult to maintain. You will therefore avoid all these problems by using a free and continuously accessible API. If you need a consistent use of this API, you can contact us via our contact form.

Copyright on music:

We try to make our users aware of the copyrights that can be applied on youtube. In order to avoid inappropriate use of our platform, we systematically block downloads that infringe these rights. We invite you to visit the following site for more information on downloading music and videos:

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